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At Willoughby, we recognize that there are many choices available to today’s home shopper. Why should you choose us? Simply stated, if you would like to make Washington, D.C. or the surrounding Maryland area your home, Willoughby Real Estate Company has got you covered. Willoughby has a 81-year history of success in managing an enormous variety of apartments, townhomes and single-family homes in the D.C. Metro area. We attribute our long-standing success, in part, to our commitment to providing our residents with great value and high-quality, personal service.

Our Commitment:

Every member of our staff recognizes that each of our customers has specific needs and expectations to satisfy when looking for, and living in their next home. We are committed to fulfilling your needs throughout our relationship with you. From making sure your rights are fully protected under the Fair Housing Act, to providing high-quality 24-hour service, we commit to treating every customer, and their home, with our highest respect.

Lawrence's Signature
  Lawrence F. Willoughby, President